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going away’

contemplating (not severely) the spikes on the opposite wall

‘Why not?’ said Mr Peggotty

and Peggotty; and to endeavouring, in a confused blind way, to

‘Don’t you think,’ said Traddles, ‘you could copy writings, sir, if

David Copperfield

Mrs Crupp, that she subsided into her own kitchen, under the

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

Voyages and Travels—I forget what, now—that were on those

feel that they are appropriate to Miss Shepherd Soft, seedy

recognized, being as well known in the vicinity as the Cathedral

I preceded Mr Omer, in compliance with his request; and after

way, trembling, to Mr Creakle’s presence: which so abashed me,

commits a dishonourable action, Mr Copperfield’

never to be brought back any more; cannot be written As often as

Barkis made this abrupt announcement of their union, and could

him so

perhaps objected to my mother’s wearing all the pretty dresses she

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

David Copperfield

observes, when I present myself ‘Do you waltz? If not, Captain

Mr Peggotty ‘Ask him’

whom house-doors were locked, and house-dogs barked, that



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