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some porter and oysters, I sat revolving it still, at past one o’clock,

How is this boring and living day, how to drag the long day

Irish Giant), she wrung her little hands in such an afflicted

background, far away, see Minnie looking on, and her eye glancing

a little roopy was his exact expression—and it should be, every

‘I must try,’ said Mr Spenlow, confirmed by this support, ‘my

boy, it would be quite impossible to say how homely Mr Creakle

eyebrows, and no eyelashes, and eyes of a red-brown, so

said Uriah, very slowly, as he stretched out his cruel-looking hand

understand,’ said Traddles, ‘that I don’t usually give my address

‘And what do you mean by your look?’ I retorted, quietly

strength of purpose I ought to have left Janet at home, instead,

open road: a dull road, then, at night He was in great spirits all

‘Is that the little gentleman from Blunderstone?’

this world would slip from us No! Ride on! Rough-shod if need be,

Murdstone, ‘if I could not understand the boy, or any boy I don’t

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office one morning to pay her bill Mr Spenlow had stepped out,


often, laughed, and went away

mind, too

thought so

‘my gardener’, several times I seemed to pay the deepest attention

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

‘It rankled in your baby breast,’ he said ‘It embittered the life of

seen it somewhere But I could not remember where I had some

as she ogled Steerforth, she was obliged to meet the finger halfway, and lay her nose against it Her chin, which was what is

Four sides of incoherent and interjectional beginnings of


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