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2019年10月14日 Source:hqictg219

‘No,’ laughed Mr Peggotty, ‘not to look at, but to—to consider

learned distinction was meant by this, I respected him greatly for

winding down to the Strand As I passed the steps of the portico, I

never seen me before; but well did I know him, and well did he

‘It was a—it was a pull,’ said Traddles, with his usual wince at

got about, that Em’ly wanted to be a lady Now my opinion is, that

chiefly because the question was raised in her own mind, and with

me, but in a snug private apartment, red-curtained and Turkey-

and sunk a little every day She used to like to sit alone before her

humility, and apologized to me for giving her son a kiss, observing

cocked hat; but I kept these sentiments to myself

which he held me in my mouth, between my teeth, and bit it

‘More than a mile off, Mr Tiffey,’ interposed a junior

‘No I was a young boy, and she exasperated me, and I threw a

on this night; insomuch that when the bell rang, and Mr

like to come here For myself, I am fighting my way on in the

As yet, little Dora was quite unconscious of my desperate

this, and went into the sitting-room What was my amazement to

(so long the partner of my various vicissitudes, and a woman of a

‘Dick knows it,’ said my aunt, laying her hand calmly on my

what there was when I first came here? I can think of nothing I

from her When her coming up to look for me, an hour or so

‘Dead, Mr Peggotty?’ I hinted, after a respectful pause

David Copperfield

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