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those books as I did It is curious to me how I could ever have

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

Mrs Strong’s mama was a lady I took great delight in Her

fire-irons Even when dislodged, he still kept the letter in his

not heard, brushed the shreds and threads from their dresses, and

contemplating (not severely) the spikes on the opposite wall

Go in and keep the lady.

gentleman may be over-careful of himself, or he may be under-

the morning I looked out for Mr Barkis, but he was not there; and

division or disunion between us Francis took his road; we took

myself looked everywhere, I am certain—but nobody could find it

David Copperfield

difference between them, in the self-denial of her pure soul and

finger, and a long-tailed coat; and I use a great deal of bear’s

up at the wrist, more slices sputtering and blazing on the fire, and

But neither Peggotty nor I had eyes for him, when we saw, in

Copperfield will take the chair I’ll operate on him’

I believe I was turning about in search of Uriah’s picture, when,

Here is Mr Micawber with a variety of qualifications—with great

In the morning I was joined by Mr Peggotty and by my old

Putney, Agnes being inside the stage-coach, and I outside, I

‘I don’t!’ she said ‘Oh dear me, don’t suppose that I think

hospitality prevailed, however, and I conducted him to my fireside

express my anxiety, lest it should give her offence

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