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the sister, and continuing to address the brother, and to shake her

‘That I am sure he will,’ said I

Uriah Heep gave a kind of snivel I think to express sympathy

Yu Huan suddenly up, not black poly coke, from the ground and looked out of the window, the thousands of miles of home.

me like closed eyes once bright And oh, how little need I had had

alone, I don’t know; but I can see him now, staring at me as I ate

his drinking everything twice; his consciousness of his own

‘Two parties, of course!’ said Mr Omer, nodding his head

I observed, however, that Mr Spenlow’s proctorial gown and

we might even improve the world a little, if we got up early in the

word was a yellow face and a nightcap, or a pair of crutches, or a

David Copperfield

David Copperfield

Soldier, fanning herself, in a sort of calm prophetic agony, ‘and I

bedroom was changed, and I was to lie a long way off I rambled

great encouragement; for it was full of amiability and sweetness,

solitary aspect of the scene with hope; and not until I reached that

‘I want to talk to you so much!’ said I ‘It’s such a lightening of

I replied, as I usually did whenever I had a chance, that nobody

ignorant a set as any schoolboys in existence; they were too much

under lock and key

own door, Agnes discovered that she had left her little reticule

My stool was such a tower of observation, that as I watched him

Emily’s letter, took it out, unfolded it, and gave it to her ‘Please to

said my mother ‘Davy, my child!’

my confidence completely, always; I tell her all about the butcher,

Peggotty calling his attention to my sufferings, Mr Barkis gave

‘I gave your message, Mr Barkis,’ I said: ‘I wrote to Peggotty’


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