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‘Well, Mr Barkis?’

David Copperfield

relative to an absence of three days; and the Doctor wishing me to

a most gentle and upright character; and that I ventured to

‘Well, ma’am, I am happy to congratulate you’

sure That would prevent it? Why, of course it would Exactly

sign of life whatever He sat in his usual place and attitude like a

connexion with my loss, it would affect me most to think of when I

We had a beautiful little dinner Quite an elegant dish of fish;

brother Francis’s wife had found it convenient in her lifetime

done; and the clerk had given her away, and there had been no

Whether it was possible for people to see me or not, I always

one on which perhaps the strangest revelations of human

thought lovely I felt so sleepy, that I knew if I lost sight of

the Norwich road, a’most afore the day broke,’ Ham went on ‘The

her any relief But the blots were more expressive to me than the

and past the elms, and through the gate, and into the churchyard,

if Agnes were one of the elements of my natural home As if, in the

the prettiest and most engaging little fairy in the world I admire

free, by sunlight But as the day declined, the life seemed to go

a corner of the carriage, I rode by the side and talked to Dora She

‘It appears to be her native part of the country, sir She informs

this, that I asked the carrier to be so good as to reach me my

mine is chilled and altered’

Heep, who remained at Highgate until the rest went back, it being

‘There’s no hurry at present, you know, Master Copperfield,’

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