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she was to be quietly married in a fortnight

the scantiness of my resources or the difficulties of my life I know

sheet of paper and an inkstand, and wrote a note to Peggotty,


meant it) of her gratitude and her affection; I ask pardon of that

troubles to me), by impersonating my favourite characters in

which did not diminish its hard pressure in the least degree,

I took the liberty of mentioning it to Traddles, as we were

out, feeling ill before the fit came on—or even whether he was

and she looked as staid and as discreet a housekeeper as the old

ribbons at the knees, come quivering up in a last ineffectual

the shoulder, at every dive) a number of small bottles, sponges,

pleased face

in Dora’s thoughts How I was, in a grudging way I have no words

Yu Huan sighed, if I stay here, will you name the bad. The long finger gently wipe her tears, warm, like a body from the fingertips into his warm, the heart has always been as hard as ice stone heart.

‘It’s so stupid at home,’ she replied, ‘and Miss Murdstone is so

pretty nigh in—not properly born, till flood He’s a going out with

over all I want, it is the better for me, and not the worse for

‘She doesn’t sing to the guitar?’ said I


I was going away, when he directed my attention to the kite

after me, and stopping at my very feet, occasioned me to look up


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