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me, or to anyone in whom I feel an interest’

And he was—honourable and manful—for two year going on, and

to pass a little shop, where it was written up that ladies’ and

Mrs Grayper’s going to have a lot of company’

He rose, and I rose too; we grasped each other by the hand

pieces, and catching anybody in it, that was, as yet, beyond me

child Only be a loving child to me in my age, and bear with my

what it is, Uriah, as well as I do’

could not bear to acknowledge him, even in my own breast,

its softened beauty with the stained-glass window in the church,

having made a Mulatto of myself by getting the dirt of the slate

shaking her head, ‘that her husband is one of those Poker

fire, show the jacket to us! Oh, my eyes and limbs, bring the jacket

‘Peggotty,’ said my mother ‘What’s the matter?’

He pointed to the washing-stand, which I had made out to be

‘What! you were at it by candle-light last night, when I was at

I don't care, anyway, my life to take care of my brother, I do not get married. She tried to grab his sleeve angle, weak feebly said: my brother, accompany me to sleep, I fear the cold

what a blank space I seemed, which everybody overlooked, and

I could have thrown my bootjack at him (it lay ready on the

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

confidences to me; also on a Sunday morning, when I mixed the

in a moment, and tossed it to the woman

‘Anywhere! I’m a going to seek my niece through the wureld

some hints in reference to my profession He said it was the

had no very urgent sense of my difficulties when I once again set

I grasped him by both hands, and could not let them go But for

interest in all our affairs, I am well assured My family may

going to have any knockings on the head in this family, if you

should not have had the moral courage to refuse it; and I have no

apprehension, I left the young man to go where he would with my




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