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sacred pledge, the perished flower

you my word, I felt a perfect bird of prey towards the family’

darkly, released her chin, and with anything rather than good-will

ashamed of having known that he was not quite in his wits, taking

anything calculated to overturn the Doctor’s plans’

she used to look, at about that hour of the morning, in our parlour

at Mrs Creakle as he said this—‘when it rises against me, is not

the grateful creature who thought my aunt the most wonderful

him, and do him good It had been matter of conversation with

All the evening his eyes wandered to my aunt’s face, with an

her handkerchief and gloves, and I drank in every note of her dear

without otherwise moving, and without breaking silence

‘No, sir,’ he replied; ‘probably not very long, sir’

and him!’

‘The first time he came,’ said Mr Dick, ‘was—let me see—

man who had got Blood in him, than I’d be picked up by a man

chambers to be let in the Adelphi, Trot, which ought to suit you to

‘Miss Murdstone,’ I returned, ‘I think you and Mr Murdstone

air than the other; and perhaps had a trifle more frill, or tucker, or

‘And what did you do?’ I asked



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