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saw him, to be very small He was lying with his head and

and on her white dress, disordered by the want of the lost ribbon

Sabbath stillness of the time (the day was so like Sunday! I have

‘Peggotty,’ said my mother ‘What’s the matter?’

Roman matron, and done all manner of heroic things, in times of

raptures, that she called Mr Micawber to come in and look

‘Did you remain long at Yarmouth, that time?’

Mr Dick, for a moment, looked a little disappointed; until the

sliced them under his directions Dora was among these I felt that

legend in our family, he was once seen riding on an elephant, in

remark this in moon likewise? J M) D, J M and J took airing in

doing all the cooking?’

I supposed I was I didn’t know

have occupation enough in a little while, if that great Visitor,

help me to carry it to the booking-office

now, I think I’ll measure this young scholar Would you walk into

frown ‘If he was only sorry, he wouldn’t look at me as he does I

David Copperfield

‘Dora, indeed!’ returned my aunt ‘And you mean to say the

when I went downstairs He was close beside me, when I walked

see you again!’

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

night, you knew what I meant You know you knew what I meant,

last visit, but how strange it was to me, now, to miss Mr Barkis out

him, but the box was there; and the last words he had uttered




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