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‘Oh, let’s see the jacket!’ cried the old man ‘Oh, my heart on

to say, I get bored to death down there, periodically—and I am on

known her; how they wouldn’t have gone out of their senses with

and encouragement He put his hand upon my shoulder, as it had

makes her so different in my remembrance from everybody else,


Yes, and again, as we walk home, I note some neighbours

was opposite the door, and my attention was distracted by

outside the windows; the broad hard leaves of which plant

you going to do? You are going to see your nurse, I suppose?’

will be on my native heath—my name, Micawber!’

Gummidge in the background, clapping her hands like a

miraculously I am ashamed to record it, but I really believe I

goodness, if you please, to set him right before the assembled

‘Do you think it did Edward harm, Clara?’ asked Mr

whom I love

and until something turns up (which I am, I may say, hourly

‘And there is not another word to tell, Agnes,’ said I, when I had

‘Again?’ said I

saw him, to be very small He was lying with his head and

Mr Peggotty passed on, without a word, and went out at the

treachery is practising against him, I hope that simple love and

was a limp, delicate-looking gentleman, I thought, with a good deal

some over-charged water-spout sent it toppling over, on one side,

In any case, there is a reference.

‘Clara,’ he continued, looking at my mother, ‘you surprise me!











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