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must destroy the happiness of Agnes; and I was so sure, from her

shining in his eye ‘Our little friends grow up around us They

them When the empty bottles ran short, there were labels to be

‘My dear,’ said Mr Micawber; ‘Copperfield,’ for so he had been

nearer it approached, the more awkward it was Mr Jack Maldon

broker, and went back again The end of the negotiation was, that

and she was very fond of him I gathered from what they said, that

the nearest way to school, and felt, upon the whole, relieved that

out, ‘Oh! If you please!’—which they didn’t like at all, because it

Mr Micawber pressed my hand, and groaned, and afterwards

Jones—for Jones! a boy of no merit whatever! The gulf between

Mr Dick is his name here, and everywhere else, now—if he ever

could have imparted to it

looking at her, in her timid hope, she found that lady sitting with

forlorn sigh, and had never raised her eyes since tea

in two baskets This she did upon her knees, humming a lively

and old tea-chests, when there is nobody in there with a dimly-

epistle, not before, I mentioned about the young man with the

brought the volume with me on my next visit (I got it prettily

until I reflected how little I was changed myself Strange to say,

foundation, that my sister Clarissa and myself have been very

If I had been obliged to look at him with him splay foot on Mr

which had never been seen before or since; a silver tobacco-

choristers chaunt, I hear Miss Shepherd In the service I mentally

which persisted in going the wrong way instead of the right one,

Gummidge’s spirits by a cheerful salutation and a jocose embrace,

of yourself! I am sure I never thought I could be sorry to lose you!’


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