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ventured to glance at the respectable phenomenon, who had come

Of course I did not understand then that this was an allusion to

being there once, had naturally no great interest in going there

well to leave unsaid; she was so forgetful of herself, and so

As my mother stooped down on the threshold to take me in her

‘No, Rosa, not a word! Let the man listen to what I say! My son,

walking in all night

thinking about it all day, and I want to know’

embrace In the first glimpse we had of them all, and at the

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

Micawber informed me that even the revengeful boot-maker had

I remembered very well what she referred to, having had it in

a better business-term to express what I mean—’

hangers-on and outsiders about the Commons, who, without being

what oughtn’t to be), when Doctor Strong must be told that this

Cathedral bell hovering above them all It was as if the tranquil

perhaps it might be Wickfield and Heep? You may not recollect it;

for his successor, he went out of the school, with his property

as ever she comes home There now!’

felt would be a rough deed, unworthy of myself, unworthy of the

insupportable” And but for the promptitude of that best of

melancholy pleasure of taking off my hat to her in the phaeton, as

‘Yes,’ I said ‘I should think it very likely’

David Copperfield




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