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while he softly closed the door Little Emily was sitting by the fire,

phenomenon of respectability

‘I’ll try,’ said Martha, ‘if you’ll help me away I never can do

plunging into a Parliamentary Debate, really did come out nobly:

looked at him

took with me

roughly to her

disgrace—the uncertain pace of the hours, especially at night,

department, for a man of Mr Micawber’s abilities They would

‘Thanks to you, Master Copperfield,’ he returned, ‘of no one in

‘I hope so, aunt’

David Copperfield

shadow on her yet; that I could as soon have injured her, as given

‘I recollect talking about it,’ said I, ‘though I certainly did not

extending her hand, Barkis came forward, and took the hand, and

with such and such qualifications and to put it thus: “Now employ

desk in the schoolroom, worked hard with pen, ink, ruler, books,

Heep walk past, arm in arm: Uriah humbly sensible of the honour

but it was necessary to be explicit, and I solemnly repeated:

France I said I wouldn’t leave England, under existing

‘Look at my torturer,’ he replied ‘Before him I have step by

David Copperfield

David Copperfield



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