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Again, I wonder with a sudden fear whether it is likely that our

said Traddles ‘I should think not, though, because he told me,

David Copperfield

compared her in my mind with Dora, with considerable inward

exquisitely, no one ever knew but I How much I suffered, it is, as I

‘It does not matter when,’ he returned ‘Mr Quinion manages

I was so faint and tired, that the idea of holding out for six miles

wondering why I stare so, and perhaps stopping the service to

which her father rose up from the table! ‘What’s the matter?’ said

sobbed as if there were a flaw in my own breast, and it were in

out before he could speak

You can rest assured that I promised mother, absolutely keep you.

David Copperfield

and must receive nourishment at first in very small quantities),

Copperfield! Show that badge conspicuous, or I’ll report you!’ The

We had started from Yarmouth at three o’clock in the

David Copperfield

‘He is quite well, Copperfield, thank you,’ said Traddles ‘I am

discharge of the duties of friendship, kept a journal; and she used

I replied that I was certain he was; but that I had not known

things You have laid a foundation that any edifice may be raised

the privileges of a mother-in-law, if you go on like that, and scold

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