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are exactly unlike They are utterly dissimilar in all respects I

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

old schoolfellow, and my acceptance of his invitation, we went out

I was very much frightened, and said, I hoped so, if he pleased

come out Besides, it’s the brightest time of the whole day Don’t

in Hamlet, and more slowly He carried his head on one side,

perception, that I am to be married the day after tomorrow The

pressing my arm ‘I don’t know what I am to do’

now came forward, by a friend, after being married a year or two,

an infant, going away to the other end of the world, leaving all he

and comfortable there and that he never should forget the

kisses at the lights in the windows, and romantically calling on the

what we used to call a general shop, at home), and inquired if they

lived at home with her papa and mama Mr Micawber told us, that

“And she lived happy ever afterwards” Perhaps I may add that of

wherever he went, and making a point of not letting him have his

counting the divisions in the moulding of the chimney-piece; and

‘Well, Mr Barkis?’

my aunt had come and bent over me, and had put my hair away

seen Traddles to his own door, and was going home alone, I

anything I should be quite broken-hearted if you thought of

calculations of ways and means, and heavy with the weight of Mr

spared the sharp consciousness of many talents neglected, many

dotted indication of the strong black beard he shaved close every

savings, when we should have reached an advanced stage of

placard; and having afforded time for a full survey of it, turned me

felt would be a rough deed, unworthy of myself, unworthy of the

‘that I am now about to cast my lot among strangers; and I am also


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