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almost worrying myself into a fever about it

fish and joint, and said, with a dignified sense of injury, ‘No! No,

was surprised to see, proceeded from the generally disconsolate

‘She—excuse me—Miss D, you know,’ said Traddles, colouring

surrounded by the sleeping family

French songs about the impossibility of ever on any account

‘My good opinion cannot strengthen his attachment to some

Close to the peace, read the letter. Down the long eyelid, Uwenson looks like a criminal who is waiting to be cut.

companion of my prime I said I was delighted to propose his

He spoke in a low voice that sounded almost strange to Me


‘Don’t presume to say so! I am nothing of the sort If you’re an eel,

supposed to communicate with Mrs Crupp It was not until we

genteelly, and without addressing himself particularly to anyone,

uneasy; he would take care it should be all right He was as good

am only sorry, and it makes me feel kinder’

David Copperfield

and felt my heart beat high, and the blood rush to my face, for it

instant, only as the young mother of my earliest impressions, who

veins swelling again bigger than ever, ‘that you’ve been in a wrong

‘Rather hard, I suppose?’ said I ‘He is hard to me sometimes,’



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