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David Copperfield

‘My dear, you absolutely are, on some subjects, one of the most

David Copperfield

In the room, with a bed, already can't avoid too, but he still wants to hold the good ethics, and tied him last will.

the small round table When she had finished her breakfast, my

I hardly could have hoped to reach How thankful should I be!’

the shade became sunlight, and the sunlight became shade again,

ironmongery—candle-boxes, and gridirons, and that sort of

‘Davy! come here!’ and looked at mine

report made (not too willingly) eighteen years ago, when all these

fluttered to the ground, and lay there like a dead thing, he seemed

the boy in the fairy tale, I should be able to track my way home

peace, all the mingled possibilities of innocence and compromise,

David Copperfield

phosphorus-box, when he wanted to look for anything on the

David Copperfield



are so exactly what you used to be, with that agreeable face, and

moped in my corner; scared by their love-making and hilarity,






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