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reasonable), and that ‘a young gal’ stationed in the pantry with a

opinion that Mr Micawber possesses what I have heard my papa

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

At the age of seven, he was lost in the mountain, and a mother to pick up the back, not long after the girl was seriously ill, before his death, he promised to keep the Hou mansion, keep Yuwen he promised. "

I hazarded a bold flight, and said (not without stammering) that

was not so sound asleep but that I could hear voices, without

‘No I was a young boy, and she exasperated me, and I threw a

come nigh and looked in through the glass, I see the faithful

work at it at the Commons, where I haven’t half enough to do; I’ll

could not have been more charmed with the romantic idea of

mother lives on charity in an alms-house’

his young friend, and would Captain Hopkins lend me a knife and

three or four clerks were at work as copyists One of these, a little

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

custom I seized the opportunity to inform her who it was; and that

festive character of our departure, by immediately bursting into

unprotected, he was a very sheep for the shearers He would have

umble breast, and that you’ve not forgot it! Oh!—Would you

and was conducted into another room There I found my blessed

and yet be treated rationally’

An accidental circumstance cemented the intimacy between

regretting Oh, long, long afterwards, I saw that look subside, as it

my brother’s baby with your boy? They are not at all alike They

pounds has not taken the course that was expected, Spiker,’ said

kindest words and the best advice

cried Agnes, putting her hands before her face, as her tears started

I felt the utmost sympathy for Mr and Mrs Micawber in this

strongly flavoured with tobacco-smoke I think it was over the

and about her being a scientific cupper, if I should ever have

out, and have walked all the way, and have never slept in a bed



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