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‘Why so I can, if I choose,’ said I

to appeal for redress to the laws of her country, and to bring

The painter hadn’t made the scar, but I made it; and there it was,

receive this communication Still more so, by its contents Still

being so very pressing, however, I said I would take ninepence for

‘Oh, no! I object, you know,’ which he said very rapidly, and went

‘Hallo!’ said my aunt, after a long time

Mr Omer; ‘to see the way she holds on to him, tighter and tighter,

I have come to peace and happiness I come home, now, like a

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

passed, rather than have actually been—and almost think of him

bedroom-windows standing open to let in the sweet-smelling air,

‘Yes, it is, ma’am,’ said Mrs Crupp

‘A mixed fiddlestick,’ returned my aunt ‘You claim to have one

namely, that she was a mother herself, she went on to inform me

David Copperfield

neighbourhood for Mrs Heep, whose rheumatic complaint

something else, entirely different; the wonderful vagaries that

considered it without finally showing it to our niece, and

confident; sometimes I see nothing, and sit gasping on my

great flakes; and it lay thick The noise of wheels and tread of




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