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needn’t go, Barkis!—Trot, have you got to be firm and self-


forgotten that) was suited to us both She sat down by my side

‘Yes!’ still feeling in his pockets, and looking over their

was cleared, Janet assisted her to arrange her hair, to put on her

is—no will’

‘Exchange or Barter’—a name selected from the arithmetic book

(besides hay) there was discovered an old gold watch, with chain

don’t remember how affectionate and kind you have all

Micawber, whom I found a promising boy of about twelve or

this ejaculation out of himself, as he peeped round the door-post at

Peggotty seemed to take this aspersion very much to heart, I

when my difficulties came to a crisis, all I can say is, that I believe

anything—and we walked up and down, for a minute or two, in

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

amazing spectacle

I felt embarrassed by these compliments; but I was sensible,

understanding is very vigorous—’

‘Trot,’ said my aunt one evening, when the backgammon-board

‘And your shirts,’ said Miss Murdstone; ‘have you brought ’em

longer, what Uriah Heep had told me in London; for that began to

and the question I put to you is, what shall I do with him?’




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