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candle-light I wanted somebody to talk to, then I missed Agnes I

Duchess in England can touch her’

white neck-kerchief on, that was not over-clean I did not, and do

disposition Both my sister and myself have endeavoured to

health I said I owed him more obligations than I could ever repay,

find a ribbon; a cherry-coloured ribbon?’

punch So we all did: Traddles evidently lost in wondering at what

returned Mr Chillip ‘Quite as comfortable as we can expect a

‘That’s just his age,’ he said ‘He was eight years and six months

of him They would have talked to me too, but I held back, and

‘Well,’ returned my mother, half laughing, ‘and if she is so silly

constantly at war within his breast, and defeating him I do not

when I went downstairs He was close beside me, when I walked

misfortune may be easily repaired’

Barkis) to say—he being, as I observed in a former chapter, of a

and glaring down the passage

the trombone But I remarked that the Old Soldier took him into

‘Oh!’ said Miss Murdstone ‘Then here’s one day off’

David Copperfield

enter into my feelings thoroughly

or seven shillings, I know well; and I was out at the warehouse all

‘I was not aware that there was any individual, alien to this

Miss Mills had a wonderful flow of words, and liked to pour


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