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Very stiff and sore of foot I was in the morning, and quite dazed

like his former self; though there was a settled depression upon

that I hear it now, ‘the duties of a secretary’

David Copperfield

We dined alone, we three together He seemed to be very fond

childish innocence

him, as he energetically struck one hand upon the other—I could

mother hospitably said the same While we were talking, he more

of a professional man, who had been to Salem House—Yawler,

inquiringly, began on the other side, and carried her eyes on, like

I first saw her I loved her at that minute to distraction I should

Actually, if it is blind, they have to be witnesses is the physician.

contrariwise They are like actors: now a man’s a judge, and now

resulted from marks like flies’ legs; the tremendous effects of a

‘And do you recollect them?’ Steerforth said


saw her look at him with growing admiration; I saw her try, more

doubted herself, that a loving heart was better and stronger than

and I were ready to depart

seen at Highgate, and my aunt in her room upstairs

standing on tiptoe, when I congratulate him in a corner on his

dear,” she said then, “put me nearer to you,” for she was very

sofa, and seeing Traddles’s hair start up, now his hat was

As he had continued to look steadily at me, I took it as a

down to the seaweed in the blue mug in my bedroom I went into

being in difficulties, all considerations of private feeling must give

over some hard-headed, harder-hearted treatise on arithmetic;

Agnes was expected to tea

house tedious enough, I remained here tonight instead of going

‘Then, he’s such a generous, fine, noble fellow,’ said I, quite


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