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to want I looked at her with a smile, but she gave me no smile in

being much before his usual time It seemed, too, that Mr and

my Davy, and ask him to take me in’

black whiskers I liked him no better than at first, and had the

solemnly interdicted by her, on her recovery, from touching my

to mention law expenses) from Mr Micawber’

‘I’ll come anywhere you like,’ said Steerforth, ‘or do anything

induce me In short, she was shaking the curls again, when the

‘There shall be as little lingering as possible, in your case, Mr

David Copperfield

mistaken I stopped, and Uriah Heep came up

plot—and was introduced to my new master, Doctor Strong

a little unreasonable that these registrars in the receipt of profits

little abashed

you ever did see her, is more than humanity can comprehend—it

sheet of paper and an inkstand, and wrote a note to Peggotty,

A great pull!’ said Traddles, with a wince, as if he had had a tooth

interested, but I could not get her into my view of the case at all

They were on the top of the house—a great point with my aunt,


turning to me

‘Don’t you remember your coming to the coach to meet me, and

Peggotty, who was thoughtfully sticking her needle into various

David Copperfield




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