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more to remind Agnes at the coach window about writing, and to

In a word, they were married, and had gone into the church for

‘Oh, my eyes and limbs!’ he then cried, peeping hideously out of

any way out of it

it, and clapped me on the back; and told me that when I had

declined to play with him any more But, on hearing from my aunt

‘Oh, indeed you must excuse me, Master Copperfield! I am

with servants The kitchen will not improve you, in the many

Steerforth and me, in a manner that inspired me with great pride

anything This did not save me from more jokes, either; for a

the Christmas season when I left school: ‘as this knotty point is

immediately, as it would require a large establishment There

with a candlestick in her hand

tortures all the time; and thought I really must have laid violent

income, and spent nineteen pounds nineteen shillings and

occurred to cross him so unusually, and to let me sympathize with

side by side with whom, he would not have seen his dear niece,

enough at one meal to last him a long time; after which, he

straight She’s so much attached to her father, Master Copperfield

possible dignity of living in chambers

‘Then come,’ replied my aunt, immediately resuming the

than have gone to bed I had reached that stage of sleepiness when

I quite made up my mind to do so I then told Steerforth that

David Copperfield

I did not attend the funeral in character, if I may venture to say

no such thing

send her love, but said that Peggotty might send it, if she liked

then the oppression on my breast was heaviest, and my grief a dull

into my head to impart to him; for he had a profound veneration


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