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Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

‘and it’s very well for you to talk about firmness, but you wouldn’t

‘What name was it, as I wrote up in the cart, sir?’ said Mr

‘He pays well, I hope?’ said Steerforth

wide margin of flannel petticoat—or would shrink into dark

‘No,’ I replied ‘Not at all so’

How much of the practice I have just reduced to precept, I owe

down like a pump handle, that he was a little afraid of

examination and repentance; and by inspecting the Tower of

presented tokens of Mrs Heep’s whereabouts I looked into the

Wickfield If I have gone a little beyond what you were prepared

seemed to ruminate, and to become absent in his mind for some

old life, many of which he remembered very well He said it was

never even heard of it by name “Begging pardon, sir,” said the

Markham They were both very gay and lively fellows; Grainger,

would, oh, I think he would, if you would only ask him,

All the evening his eyes wandered to my aunt’s face, with an

get her to repeat it, for she spoke it the first time quite down my

you see, you may!’

‘Miss Dartle,’ I returned, ‘pray do not think—’

practise, I must do something So I told papa last night I must

David Copperfield

that expression ‘I don’t mention it reproachfully, however, but



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