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stone stairs for her money, or might be nearer to the door in the

custody directly, for her partner; and instructed him, as the first

that had its effect upon me, as a touch of nature; but the skill with

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

tell you!’

Trotwood’s clothes tonight’

work next day, with triumphant success

by the Old Soldier: who continually recalled passages of Mr Jack

As they had spoken in a subdued tone, while speaking of Em’ly,

‘Oh! That fellow!’ said Steerforth, beating a lump of coal on the

time they were to start for Plymouth Mr Micawber himself came

‘and while I have an opportunity, let me earnestly entreat you,

Charley to the Griffin “What the unmentionable to ears polite, do

hands; who, accordingly, sat himself down, with his back to the

for his peace and quiet As I was already much attached to Mr

world and his wife Why, what’s put that in your silly little

Red Whisker made his salad (I wondered how they could eat it

As I bent forward, she put her tumbler on my knee to detain

strongly flavoured with tobacco-smoke I think it was over the

will only remark, that unless I ran through that part of my

carried away by my favourite theme, ‘that it’s hardly possible to

into great notice until the ladies retired After that, I observed that

‘Would you object to my mentioning it to him, sir?’ I asked

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