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which her father rose up from the table! ‘What’s the matter?’ said

her to come and try something on We can’t be happy together for

Steerforth, who often looked at me, I saw, might think it

and had a good deal to do with that part; being entirely in the

small hop-dealer in the Borough, and had taken to the schooling

I left Salem House upon the morrow afternoon I little thought

The Doctor, ever pleased with what was likely to please his


‘By what name?’ I asked

fancy so’

nothing to guess at She is at present apprenticed, Miss Mowcher,

Micawber at the same time One of them was always taking

David Copperfield

withdrawal to my bedroom: ‘I will not protract these remarks on

interpose between us ‘You have withdrawn yourself in your

to me about the time when he had seen Mr Peggotty at Salem

she marshalled great forces of relations against the Doctor She

the day of the solemnity was over, and light was freely

the employment of high spirits, in the thoughtless love of

woman Although not old by years—for when did you ever hear

meet him, and as they came in, hand in hand He greeted me

It was in vain for me to say that no consideration was necessary

nothing else to tell; unless, indeed, I were to confess (which might

aunt, between whom and herself there had been a mutual liking

interval, beyond a general knowledge that he was very popular in

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