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look; but I do remember that the whole place had

was shyly keeping out of the way I knew where to look for her,

My mother, who was then a widow, brought her here to be

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

me of the poetry, the lights, the music, the company, the smooth

by Peggotty and her brother The mad gentleman looked on, out of

He really had no breath to spare, and it was very alarming to

I had some shadowy idea of endeavouring to evade the

when I looked down through the open skylight They left me,

done in a systematic, passionless manner Day after day, week

great spirits, had been strolling about the beach before I was up,

That there was no hope of escape from it, unless the escape was

arms and kiss me, the gentleman said I was a more highly

mine, fur me to be in my right senses and expect it’

Murdstone’s opinion was; and I never saw Miss Murdstone, when


his wind by the aid of his pipe

aunt, ‘to be so trusted in! But I hope I am able to do something to

from her countenance, sat on the gravel, staring at me, until I

they know’d about me They would set me down at their cottage

He saw, I suppose, that I could not help smiling at the simplicity

man of his ability in the Custom House The influence of my family

then the oppression on my breast was heaviest, and my grief a dull

‘I beg your pardon, sir,’ says I, ‘if you please, I’m looking for the


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