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excellent and generous aunt

David Copperfield


me I fell asleep in her arms, after that, and slept soundly

David Copperfield

But in the course of the evening I had rambled down to the

‘But he could board somewhere else, I suppose?’ suggested my

Joram I was there at seven o’clock this morning Do you

last look with his ill-omened black eyes, before the door was shut

of protégées whom my aunt had taken into her service expressly to

‘Done with you for a tanner!’ said the long-legged young man,

white that it seemed to me to be almost transparent But the

upon him since I first came here He is often very nervous—or I

that poor child alone’

David Copperfield

me into the coffee-room; and a chambermaid introduced me to my

strayed into it, sooner or later, and then it was thrown aside, and

the head of Red Whisker, and I was adamant

cordiality, she pulled me towards her and said to Mr Murdstone:

‘Let the wretched man who now addresses you, my dear

emphasis and with an instinctive knowledge of the strength of her

Peggotty continuing to stand motionless in the middle of the

‘I came here by the Canterbury coach, today I have been

all points of appearance and gentility then running high in the

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