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He had proudly resumed his privilege, in many of his spare

relieved my uneasiness

girls,’ said Mr Peggotty, ‘upon my knee; and many a time you

declaring that, on the first demonstration of hostilities, she was

kind of hint, sketch, or memorandum, of any testamentary

Another silence followed this, and another gentle beating on my

so little in reality to conceal, that I always DID feel as if this man

‘Look here!’ taking something out ‘Scraps of the Russian Prince’s

especially when he told us, as he condescended to do, that what he

which he held me in my mouth, between my teeth, and bit it

David Copperfield

glance comprehended all of us For some moments not a word was

‘Very well, Mr Copperfield,’ said Mr Spenlow, ‘I must try my

‘Now I wonder,’ he muttered, ‘whether my Agnes tires of me

David Copperfield

back I am sorry to make such a beginning with you, but I must do

and then I see a straw hat and blue ribbons, and a quantity of

‘Yes, for my nephew,’ said my aunt

Considering that you are young, and striving for a place in life, I

is my nearest and dearest relative?’

first, appeared with his key Then I sat down in my shady corner,

wherever he went, and making a point of not letting him have his

‘What! you were at it by candle-light last night, when I was at

with occasional stoppages, adapted to my weakness Very grateful

friend Traddles: if I may be permitted to call him so—will allow

(the most unfortunate boy in the world) breaks that window

Murdstone, from Bloonderstone, Sooffolk, but owning to the name


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