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are obtained from him with great difficulty, and even under fearful

If thinks must go contrary with me, and I must go contrary myself,

We began to talk about my aunt’s losses, and I told them what I

perfectly imbecile and idiotic That I retired to bed in a most

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

with a motive The fact is, Copperfield, I was unable to repurchase

‘I say, Rosa, not a word! If he can stake his all upon the lightest

an actual matter of fact We point it out It admits of no doubt’

faced about for Greenwich, which I had understood was on the

What a change in Mrs Gummidge in a little time! She was

Behold me, on my gallant grey, bending at the side of Miss

‘Oh, really, Master Copperfield,’ he rejoined—‘I beg your

garden for half an hour and no longer; and retired, leaving the

disagreeable consciousness of not appearing to imply that it had

looked at him any longer, I might be tempted to say something out

to Dora, and that I was invoking blessings on his head!

‘Ah, Agnes!’ I returned ‘You are my good Angel!’

kindness; and he begged us to forgive his having launched into

Introduced same, cautiously, in course of airing D immediately

on sick leave, if I can; on total resignation, if that is not to be

This is a way of life which reminds me of the period when I was

Agnes and I admiring the moonlight, and Mr Wickfield scarcely

she, ‘that you would scarcely know the dear old house They live

Remonstrance was of no use, then; so I laughed, and admired,

those looks, and wonder if my mother’s step be really not so light






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