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you think my Ury looking, sir?’

twice hustled into the premises of our principal opponent The

staring in at the windows, and waiting for her as often as she

little Em’ly’s face, which was bent forward over the table, listening

outside, I felt severely the having no occasion for it,

‘For God’s sake, my dear Doctor,’ said Mr Wickfield again

‘Why—I suppose you would like me as much then, Peggotty, as

information, and I am glad to know it He thinks you young and

we stopped on the road to take up somebody else, they put me

constantly treated with peppermint; secondly, that something

many years, and like so much Oh, Uncle! I never can have him

pardon, Mister Copperfield, but the other comes so natural, I don’t

through the porch at the stars, with a heart full of love and

exception, that he seemed to be nothing but a face—like a

‘We dursn’t do it Bless you, it would be a shock that the generality


‘No it’s because you are like no one else You are so good, and


ball given at the Larkins’s (the anticipation of three weeks), I

took with me

with my last breath!’

have blown less in the sun! At one we dined, Mr Mell and I, at the

‘My son’s great capacity was tempted on, there, by a feeling of

out of the room

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