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Bear the point.


of a few years Traddles reasonably supposed that this would settle

tortures all the time; and thought I really must have laid violent

‘Why yes, I do,’ said I

honour to that distinguished eminence; had glorified myself upon

when she was dressed, generally hung upon the looking-glass in

his head all the time, and writhing modestly

bluebottles A cloggy sensation of the lukewarm fat of meat is upon

through his arm

and until something turns up (which I am, I may say, hourly

Fortunately, good is the most good son paste Yahuan, otherwise there will be rumors of his ghost body disaster.

‘I believe,’ said Mr Murdstone, with an inclination of his head,

identical observation to Mr Micawber It is for that reason

state of agitation, Mr Creakle turned to Steerforth, and said:

Dover Road: taking very little more out of the world, towards the

left with Barkis till called for’; a fable he had elaborately written

knees, and doubled himself up with laughter With perfectly silent

putting a question in which I had a near interest, I said to Mrs

reference to her? Have you considered anything, Mr

now occasional sounds of feet and voices overhead which he

‘Clara!’ Miss Murdstone repeated

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics


‘It’s one of the things that cut the trade off from attentions they

‘Try Copperfield, if you please, sir,’ said I, looking helplessly



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