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David Copperfield

been dozing and grumbling away at the play’

We must have had some, because Dora stipulated that we were

To see Steerforth walk to church before us, arm-in-arm with

subsided into his chair, with the handle of a hastily concealed fork

From some pocket in his breast, he took out, with a very careful

ringing, and he was walking up and down with his mother He

memorable to me, he lived—and went and posted, myself, without

bride behind Ha! ha! ha! A wicked rascal, Ned, but droll! Now, I

my neck-cloth, and brought me some water I have no idea

gentleman, with a grey head, who shut up one eye in a grotesque

heavy as the great stone urns that flanked them, and were set up,

the club, then? Were you?’ said Mr Omer, shutting up one eye

people liked him at Yarmouth, and what a delightful companion

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

I should be happy, on his account, to attain to eminence’

staring and distorted—a frightful spectacle

same as now I know wery well that when I’m here o’ nights (and

exulting in the coming discomfiture of the vagrant donkeys, with

sickly mask of mirth, I have not informed you, this evening, that

sufficient reasons I resolve to fight the butcher

Waterbrook repeatedly told us, that if she had a weakness, it was

broad-faced, bull-necked, young butcher, with rough red cheeks,

I sat looking at Peggotty for some time, in a reverie on this

‘Then come and see my little housekeeper,’ said Mr Wickfield

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics


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