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‘Gentlemen of Mr Spenlow’s profession are accustomed to

face turn pale, and tears course down his lengthened cheeks, while

so sweet-tempered You have such a gentle nature, and you are

such a pernicious absurdity, that but for its being squeezed away

you know it’s a cousin she’s going to be married to?’

‘Very good,’ returned my aunt, ‘that’s settled I have been

(sometimes greatly affected) to his employer’s office Many

of coming’

well aware that I haven’t, out of this place, a single friend to turn

David Copperfield


that I really ought to have a little house-warming, and that there

together: you, and I, and Mrs Joram, and Mr Joram too—who

pursy dwarf, of about forty or forty-five, with a very large head and

be destined to live in such a noble residence After a single combat

and I have an object and a course at once I am driven out of it, I

the purpose at a vast expense, I went to Miss Mills’s, fraught with

‘Well,’ returned Mr Waterbrook, pursing up his mouth, and

bustle of it, the frequent starting up to look after it, the frequent

David Copperfield

seen a moderately large wave come tumbling in, I should have

sensations of having finished it, to refer to it with the

‘Uriah!’ said I, as civilly as I could, after a silence

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