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pairint, and a lovely sister,’—here the waiter was greatly

evidently being clutched by the lady as a victim on whom to

state of figure; and ventured a remonstrance with her on the

pebbles, ‘your father was a gentleman and your mother is a lady;

our old acquaintance; it seemed the natural sequel of it; it showed

My mother answered she had had that pleasure And she had a

something turning up (I am not at liberty to say in what direction),

‘No one, Agnes’

peculiar in the temperature of my pantry, made the brandy-bottles

Xie Ye, who was kicked on the way to the bed, did not forget to kneel in the direction of the door.

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

feeling it pull and tug at his hand He never looked so serene as he

I had two or three shillings of my week’s money in my pocket—

that the smallest instalments could only be tempted out by artifice;

observant as anyone he knew, and as long-headed as she was

farewell touch of Dora’s hand still light on mine, recalling every

‘Yes,’ said she ‘Have you ever been there?’

‘Why, though I am a lawyer, Master Copperfield,’ he replied,

I remembered very well what she referred to, having had it in

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

about me before you left off ever naming me among

the street; being anxious (he explained to me) to say a few words


and spun up with his thumb, directly afterwards, to try the

was T Copperfield, Esquire, and he believed it, and gave me the

morning air out; but he made motions with his mouth as if the

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