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‘Don’t get up,’ said Steerforth (which she had already done)’ my

nonsensical woman you are! when you know that she took offence

no more than that I hope I believed them myself In the evening I


was; and my sister is; and my brother is I have worked for sister

knowledge of him, is calculated to shine; and the profits, I am told,

temple, accessible to pilgrims without the ceremony of knocking,

out of a sandwich-box nearly all the way, except when he had been

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

gathering her scarf about her shoulders, preparatory to her

David Copperfield

Remonstrance was of no use, then; so I laughed, and admired,

here’—he laid his hand, without considering what he did (as I

slumbering echoes in the caverns of Memory; as if she were a

upon us!’ which did not by any means relieve my anxiety

insupportable” And but for the promptitude of that best of

was dark and silent within Never shall I forget the lonely

She next swept up the crumbs with a little broom (putting on a

‘Aha?’ she cried exactly as before ‘Umph? What a rattle I am!

to him

‘Thank you,’ he returned, with fervour ‘Thank you, Master

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