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To all of which, that I might commit nobody, I invented, I am

over the dark wintry sands towards the old boat; the wind sighing

back, I inquired how little Emily was?

habits grow upon one! Really? Less guarded and more trustful?

As to the Commons, I had no great occasion to be particular

returned: adding that I only wished I had money enough, to lend

heard of that one I have been thinking that he will most likely

with my whole soul!’

‘Annie, my dear,’ returned her mother, ‘once for all, I must

wretchedly paid; and that when there was hot and cold meat for

before it; and we found such a man there’

‘Because I want to ask a question about a house there, that they

have some reason to suspect, from what I have heard—my ears

either,’ I observed

temples, as her father put one of his fat fingers into the hand of the

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

that hides near our house and frightens her?’

house and the offices; and I knew that the servants read it, and the

‘Clever! She brings everything to a grindstone,’ said Steerforth,


she led me to the verge of madness, yet not have tempted one of

has never said a word to me about it He knows better If he was to

at the foot of the stairs to carry up my name He looked, to the best

‘What, not in your own, eh?’ Mr Omer returned, laughing ‘All

old life, many of which he remembered very well He said it was



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